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The Captain’s Wedding Invitations

How are we so lucky to work with so many talented clients? Once again, these beautiful wedding invitations were designed by the client and they did an amazing job. They wanted them printed on a brown chipboard to go with the old-world feel of the design. The results—as you can see—were marvelous. Chipboard is a […]

34 Typographic Sins Letterpress Poster

“Thou shalt not fail to kern display type. Limited-edition signed letterpress posters expounding the 34 most horrific Typographic Sins known to humankind. Perhaps you need to go see a typographic priest. By Jim Godfrey.” When I printed this poster, traffic to my site more than doubled. I know that typography is a controversial subject, but who knew it would drive […]

Letterpress Loves Giclée

One of the limitations of letterpress is that you can only print one color at a time. This means that for each new color, the press must be cleaned, another plate made, the plate for the additional color registered, and all of the sheets of paper hand-pressed all over again. This process must be repeated […]

Portland General Store Business Cards

Recently we got to do some special letterpress business cards for the marvelous Portland General Store. We have been fans of PGS for quite some time and have been using their products for all of our manly grooming needs, so doing work for them was like eating a delicious pie or something… They have gentlemanly scents […]

Crochetdermy™ by Shauna Richardson

I want one of these quite badly. Not sure what I would do with it, but surely I should own one. Search her site for the photo of the crocheted bear lurking in the shadows of a parking garage. Not to be missed!

The HCC Bar-Hop Tickets

We designed and printed a small custom run of beautiful letterpress tickets for The Hot Chocolate Club Bar-Hop that is going on tonight. They were lots of fun to make and turned out wonderfully!

Letterpress Class #2

We will be having another letterpress class this month, so if you are interested, please call or come in to reserve your spot! The class is limited to six so that everyone can get enough hands-on time with the beautiful letterpresses. These classes are really a great deal because not only do you learn the […]

The Hot Chocolate Club | HC Bar-Hop

This month The Hot Chocolate Club is having a special treat! We are working with local businesses to set up a Hot Chocolate Pub Crawl, or for the Americans, a Hot Chocolate Bar Hop. This is the drink-hot-chocolate-till-you-die event of the year! We are quite  excited about the great businesses that we are hoping to get […]

Essays are Exciting

Essays are perfect for our generation’s short attention span. And the wonderful website, Quotidiana, is the perfect website for essays. They have some of my favorites on their website and plenty that I don’t know so that I can explore. All of the essays are in the public-domain, so they can be printed and distributed […]

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