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Letterpress Loves Giclée

One of the limitations of letterpress is that you can only print one color at a time. This means that for each new color, the press must be cleaned, another plate made, the plate for the additional color registered, and all of the sheets of paper hand-pressed all over again. This process must be repeated […]

Little City Gardens

Spring is upon us and we can’t get enough of gardening right now! While searching out fun garden ideas, we found Brooke Budner & Caitlyn Galloway who have transformed a small corner of San Francisco urban life into a garden of natural delights. And I love their wonderful drawings. Pretty sure we should letterpress something […]

Oh, My Cavalier

Artist, Julianna Swaney, portrays nature in her artwork with a fairytale aesthetic. Purchase these beautiful prints and more on her website

Crochetdermy™ by Shauna Richardson

I want one of these quite badly. Not sure what I would do with it, but surely I should own one. Search her site for the photo of the crocheted bear lurking in the shadows of a parking garage. Not to be missed!

The HCC Bar-Hop Tickets

We designed and printed a small custom run of beautiful letterpress tickets for The Hot Chocolate Club Bar-Hop that is going on tonight. They were lots of fun to make and turned out wonderfully!

Letterpress Class #2

We will be having another letterpress class this month, so if you are interested, please call or come in to reserve your spot! The class is limited to six so that everyone can get enough hands-on time with the beautiful letterpresses. These classes are really a great deal because not only do you learn the […]

Essays are Exciting

Essays are perfect for our generation’s short attention span. And the wonderful website, Quotidiana, is the perfect website for essays. They have some of my favorites on their website and plenty that I don’t know so that I can explore. All of the essays are in the public-domain, so they can be printed and distributed […]

Stanley & Sons | Aprons and Bags

Printing can be messy, so aprons are surely the perfect remedy. I talked to Lady Danbury and we designed some perfect printing aprons that she custom-crafted for Rowley Press, here locally. I don’t have photos of her beautiful aprons just yet, but I will post about them as soon as I do. If you aren’t able […]

Bespoke Globes & Wanderlust

I love traveling and live with an acute case of wanderlust almost every day. These handmade globes from Bellerby & Co may be just the thing I need to cure my wandering tendencies. I can just picture  myself sitting in my study imagining all of the wonderful places that have been hand-layed on to the […]

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