Little City Gardens

Spring is upon us and we can’t get enough of gardening right now! While searching out fun garden ideas, we found Brooke Budner & Caitlyn Galloway who have transformed a small corner of San Francisco urban life into a garden of natural delights. And I love their wonderful drawings. Pretty sure we should letterpress something for them!

Check them out at: Little City Gardens

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  1. oh, agreed! very lovely illustrations!

  2. Absolutely lovely! I’d love to see a place like that in Provo!

  3. rp, you have very lovely illustrations yourself! Quite beautiful. Everyone should go look at
    I think I will be posting about your wonderful work, now that I have seen it!

    Jess Smart Smiley, we do have the Community Garden here in Provo, so you should come on over and GROW GROW GROW! Not the same, but similar and still great!

  4. Biking home from work a new route each day means I get to discover all sorts of new mplaces. Yesterday I saw a local market that reminded me of these guys! I’ll have to stop in as soon as I decide to take that way home again!

  5. how sweet of you to say! thanks so much!

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