Exhibition Calendar

Gallery 39 is the art gallery side of Rowley Press. The vintage letterpress printing presses and beautiful building of Rowley Press make the perfect compliment to the art that is displayed here. We are part of the Provo Gallery Stroll and love having visitors who are interested in seeing some of the amazing art that Utah has to offer. If you are interested in showing at Gallery 39, please send us digital images of your work and an artists statement. Our contact info can be found on our About page.


June 2010

Michael Kelly

July 2010

Cristobal Napoleon Keller

August 2010

Alan McMurtrey

September 2010

Nicole Arrington

October 2010

Annie Henrie

November 2010

Erin Flynn

December 2010

Colt Bowden


January 2011

Ashleigh Braithwaite

February 2011

Andrew Turley

March 2011

Bryan Hutchison

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