The Hot Chocolate Club | HC Bar-Hop

This month The Hot Chocolate Club is having a special treat! We are working with local businesses to set up a Hot Chocolate Pub Crawl, or for the Americans, a Hot Chocolate Bar Hop. This is the drink-hot-chocolate-till-you-die event of the year! We are quite  excited about the great businesses that we are hoping to get on board and know that there will be some great hot chocolate to drink your sorrows away with!

We will bestow the much coveted Hot Chocolate Club Award  upon one of the participating businesses who excels in the craft of Hot Chocolate. The winner will be chosen by the Democratic Process. Well, people will choose, but they will use the Democratic Process in its most endearing form — voting.

The HC Bar-Hop will start at Rowley Press and from there we will carpool from establishment-to-establishment. We will need designated drivers to shuttle those who may have had a bit too much of Grandpa’s Old Hot Chocolate.

When: 6:00PM Wednesday, March 24th

Where: Rowley Press at 39 W 200 N, Provo, UT 84601

Why: Hot Chocolate (some of the businesses have claimed that it will be the best we have ever had… really?)

For more information, check out our Facebook Event.

**If you have any ideas for Provo/Orem businesses that should be included in the Hop, please comment below! We have some great places that we are working with, but are sure you can think of some more!**

Essays are Exciting

Essays are perfect for our generation’s short attention span. And the wonderful website, Quotidiana, is the perfect website for essays. They have some of my favorites on their website and plenty that I don’t know so that I can explore. All of the essays are in the public-domain, so they can be printed and distributed without any government employee kicking in your door. You can also get most of these essays from Project Gutenberg, but the user interface on the Quotidiana website is much more friendly and beautiful (nice typography). On their “Most Popular” essays sidebar, they have two from one of my favorites, G. K. Chesterton. I especially love his On Lying in Bed essay. Give it a try and I would imagine you will be happy you did.

Stanley & Sons | Aprons and Bags

Stanley & Sons Apron

Printing can be messy, so aprons are surely the perfect remedy. I talked to Lady Danbury and we designed some perfect printing aprons that she custom-crafted for Rowley Press, here locally. I don’t have photos of her beautiful aprons just yet, but I will post about them as soon as I do. If you aren’t able to take advantage of Lady Danburry’s work due to proximity problems, you should check out these beauties over at Stanley & Sons, a company that is run by Chris Grodzki; the grandson of an old-time apron and bag craftsman. I love the leather straps that seem to accent the denims and waxed canvases so well. The photos on their site are just to act as a reference as each piece they create is cusom-made to order. My favorite apron of theirs is the handsome lad pictured above.

Bespoke Globes & Wanderlust

globe hand made

I love traveling and live with an acute case of wanderlust almost every day. These handmade globes from Bellerby & Co may be just the thing I need to cure my wandering tendencies. I can just picture  myself sitting in my study imagining all of the wonderful places that have been hand-layed on to the plaster sphere and then lovingly painted. Perhaps that would not be the best thing for wanderlust, but it would be enjoyable nonetheless.

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Drew Danburry CD Release

Drew danburry

Drew Danburry’s new album, Goodnight Gary, came out on February 9 and it is wonderful! Sure, Drew is one of my best friends and an amazing guy, but his music has truly been increasing exponentially in listening goodness! His music has come a long way since his “White Chocolate” days (sorry Drew). His thoughtful & poetic lyrics, catchy melodies, and positive energy will have you rocking in no time. Be sure to listen to the words in these carefully crafted tunes, because these songs aren’t just for tapping your feet. Check out his website for information and tons of free downloads (I’m talking about whole albums, not just a song or two.)

Here are some links to get you where you need to go:

Drew Danburry Website

Buy the New Album on Amazon

Facebook Fanpage

Roller Mania


Rollers might not be the most exciting topic to many people, but they surely are an essential component of a good letterpress. They can make the difference between a beautifully inked impression and  muddled, sloppy, printing frustrations. Recently I purchased new rollers for Rowley Press’s Chandler & Price Old Style Letterpress, aka The Scholar. I happened to be down by the factory where they were made, so I stopped by to say hello and to check out their operation. More after the jump…

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Hot Chocolate+Art+Stroll=fun!

Hot Chocolate with Letterpress

The first Revival meeting of The Hot Chocolate Club was a great success! It is so great to be surrounded by so many fun people united by Chocolate in its excited form! We had a training by Ashley Mae Hoiland, Hot Chocolate Haikus, marvelous music by Katie Brandeburg, delicious Hot Chocolates, and lots and lots of talking to people! We will be having another meeting of The Hot Chocolate Club coming up on Wednesday, February  17, from 8-10pm. If you missed the last one, be sure to come out to this one and have a great night with great people! More photos after the juuuuummmp…

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Snap, Snap, Photos

Printing letterpress Provo

My wonderful friend, Alpha Smoot, took a few photos of Rowley Press while she was here printing. See more of her work on her blog and  website. These should give you an idea of the beautiful machinery that we are surrounded with here at Rowley Press. More images after the jump…

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The Hot Chocolate Club

The Hot Chocolate Club

Years ago I ran a little non-profit art gallery with Ashley Mae Christensen called Gallery OneTen. While at Gallery OneTen, I remembered how much I loved Hot Chocolate. So I started a fake club called The Hot Chocolate Club on facebook. Soon there were lots of people in the facebook group, so we started meeting at Gallery OneTen. Those meetings were so much fun that I have heard about them for years. Then Gallery OneTen died, and with it, the meeting place of The HCC. The facebook group became a graveyard for spammers to do their devious work of promoting odd herbal concoctions. The future seemed bleak.

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New Vandercook SP-15 Letterpress!

vandercook sp-15 at rowley press

So, in addition to our two Chandler & Price letterpresses, we are pleased to welcome a beautiful Vandercook! This is the perfect press for teaching classes and for doing large prints. Here is a photo of it while still at its old owners. I have been cleaning it up and tuning it to print beautifully for the past few days and I think it is just about ready now. See the Equipment page for more details and Come print on it!

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